Leaders in WellBeing

Winners of the 2020 Leaders in WellBeing Awards will be announced here from 16:00 on Friday 6th November 2020.


The Winners

WellBeing Practitioner: Continuous Professional Development

WellBeing Practitioner: Customer Health & WellBeing Award

The Awards

This award celebrates those employers who embed health and wellbeing within the organisation’s management processes and procedures in a way that contributes to long-lasting culture change.

This award recognises employers who enable employees at all levels to have a voice in the organisation, and will recognise in particular employers who enable their employees to feel valued and trusted by the organisation, helping them to feel competent and promoting team working and a sense of community.

This award will particularly recognise those organisations which focus on creating a healthy environment, whilst also providing support and workplace interventions to address long-term sickness absence and incapacity to work, mental wellbeing at work, and physical inactivity.

This award recognises those employers who create a supportive environment enabling employees to be proactive with regards to their mental, as well as physical, health. This will include the development of policies to support, for example, resilience and work–life balance.

This award recognises employers who demonstrate support for their employees’ financial wellbeing as integral to a wider wellbeing programme. The award will recognise employers who focus on building rapport with employees, acknowledging their specific needs.

This award will recognise organisations of all sizes and from all sectors which demonstrate outstanding leadership in Diversity & Inclusion, enabling authentic Inclusion for all groups, and a feeling of belonging throughout the organisation, regardless of gender, age, disability, nationality or culture.

This award will recognise organisations of all sizes and from all sectors which demonstrate a willingness to create an open environment in which employees may raise and discuss personal issues, such as mental health, diversity, the menopause, and other topics which have not been previously been spoken out about in the workplace.

This award will recognise the organisation which demonstrates outstanding leadership in all areas which contribute to being a Good Business; specifically with regards to the way they treat their employees; their role within and contribution to the local community; commitment to environmental sustainability; open, honest and proactive relationships with customers; and a fair and decent relationship with suppliers and business partners.

This Award recognises those Practitioners who put the needs of their customers at the forefront of the activities and also those who have received the most impressive testimonials from their customers.

This award recognises a Health and Wellbeing practitioner who has demonstrated a pursuit of the continuous development of their knowledge, expertise and skills, for the continuing benefit of their customers and/or employees.

This award recognises a Health and Wellbeing practitioner who has been exceptionally inspirational in their contribution to the health and wellness sector, either locally and/or internationally.

This award recognises the individual who goes the extra mile to actively promote the benefits of wellbeing within their community or sphere of influence. The WellBeing Ambassador may be a senior leader of an organisation or member of the team, an entrepreneur, member of the church or the community, a civil servant, politician, charity leader or volunteer, teacher, student, or health and wellbeing practitioner.

The Judges

Thank you to the members of the independent judging panel who are all keynote speakers at the Leaders in WellBeing – Re-imagined 2020 Summit:
Tony Vickers-Byrne
Khalil Rener
Dr Sarah Hattam
Clare-Louise Knox
Dr Amina Aitsi-Selmi
Dr Andres Fonseca
Aidan Kearney
And thank you to our Awards Sponsors, Rossborough Healthcare.

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